Person tapping their phone with AggieAccess mobile ID to a card reader on campus

How-to: Mobile Credentials

How to set up and use your AggieAccess mobile credentials

Setting up your AggieAccess credentials

Icon of a phone with an email icon on the screen 1. Check your email for an invitation

You will receive an email invitation to set up your mobile credentials. This invitation will be sent to your UC Davis email address, but can be forwarded to whatever email you access on your preferred device. Invitations will include an overview of AggieAccess mobile credentials and instructions to help you set up credentials through the HID Mobile Access app. If you your invitation has expired, please contact us with the subject line "Invitation has expired".

 Icon of a phone with a register screen2. Download the HID Mobile Access App

The email will include a link to download the HID Mobile Access App. For the easiest setup, access the email invitation on the device you to plan to use your mobile credentials on (e.g. your smartphone) and use the link to install the app. Once you install the app you will be prompted with a code to register your credentials. Click or manually enter the code as shown in the email invitation to complete activation. Once you have downloaded the HID Mobile Access App you will be prompted to allow the app access to your location services. The app does not require access to location services, but it does make using the credentials more efficient.

Icon of a calendar 3. Allow one business day for special access permissions

Please allow one business day between activating your mobile credentials and accessing the areas secured by AggieAccess. Once access has been granted, you will be notified by your key control manager.

Using your AggieAccess credentials

Icon of a hand selecting a card on a phone screen 1. Select HID Mobile Access app on your mobile device

The responsiveness of the app will depend on the user's device and whether location services are enabled. For best results ensure the app is open and your phone is unlocked as you approach the card reader.


Icon of a phone tapping a card reader 2. Hold your device near the card reader to unlock the door

To use your mobile credentials, simply hold your device near the card reader at the entrance you want to access. The card reader will beep and the light at the top will turn green once the door has been successfully unlocked.


Questions or concerns?

Check the FAQs for more information. If you still have questions, contact the AggieAccess team.