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Establishing a foundation for better building security

After three years, replacing thousands of card readers across over 170 buildings, the first phase of AggieAccess is complete, which means all electronic access systems on the Davis campus have been updated and centralized, improving building security and creating a foundation for expanding electronic access. 

Get ready for fall quarter

Existing electronic access systems across campus are being upgraded to AggieAccess, a more secure, consolidated entry system. Over the past year, almost 40 locations have been upgraded, with more to come as work extends into 2022.

Using AggieAccess cards and readers

As more readers are upgraded and new credentials are distributed, the AggieAccess team wants to ensure all users are able to easily and reliably get where they need to go.

“The new AggieAccess cards and readers allow us to implement an extra level of encryption to our electronic access systems,” said Jeff Rott, director of physical security systems for the UC Davis Police Department.

AggieAccess moves forward, goes mobile

AggieAccess — UC Davis' new electronic entry system — is making access to rooms and buildings easier and more secure by consolidating entry systems and launching a mobile credentials program that turns a smart phone into a digital key card.

August Update

We have a lot of updates for you, including some must-know details like when your building is being retrofitted. Get an overview in our August Update.

What 'Group One' Needs to Know

If doors in your building are located in Group One according to the AggieAccess implementation schedule, here's what you need to know and do.

Coming Soon! Open Doors with the New UC Davis AggieAccess ID

A retrofit project will bring the new AggieAccess system to more than 160 buildings and other locations on the Davis campus. All of the project locations already have electronic access controls — but there are different systems in use. In the retrofit, all of the systems will be standardized and connected.