Submit Your Cardholder List

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Submit Your List of Cardholders

The AggieAccess Team is working hard to ensure all of your cardholders have their new AggieAccess credentials before your electronic access control system is replaced. To prepare for this, we are requesting a copy of your cardholder list. This can be in the form of a copy of your database, an export to Excel, a comma separated list (CSV), or other file type that can be manipulated (PDF is discouraged).


UC Davis Police is gathering cardholder information through LiquidFiles, a secure service for transferring sensitive information. To submit your cardholder list, follow the link below and enter your UC Davis email address. Follow the instructions to validate your email. If asked to enter a password, use your Kerberos login information. Once logged in, fill out the form titled "UC Davis Police AggieAccess File Drop." Upload or drag-and-drop the cardholder list file to the indicated space and send the form.

Submit Your List of Cardholders

Further Action

Campus key control managers play an important role in facilitating a smooth transition to the new AggieAccess system.

  • Keep an eye on your email: The AggieAccess team will be sending updates and instructions via email.
  • Check back on this website: AggieAccess webpages will be updated with new information, training and other resources.