Key Control Managers Checklist

Key Control Managers play an important role in the transition to AggieAccess, providing the AggieAccess team with crucial information, communicating with cardholders and managing the new access system.


In order to install the new electronic access system, the AggieAccess team requires some information from key control managers, including cardholder lists, access schedules and access categories. Below is a checklist of documents a key control manager must submit for each area.

  1. Review your current system and its programming. Do you have an up-to-date cardholder list? Are your access levels still meeting your business needs?
  2. System Access Request Form - Complete the System Access Request Form. This form provides access to the AggieAccess system, where you can add and remove access levels and conduct certain system programming. Once completed, submit the form via LiquidFiles.
  3. Cardholder List - Submit your cardholder list as an Excel spreadsheet, providing the following user information: 
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Campus registered email (not department email)
    • Indicate if individuals require physical cards in place of mobile credentials. Physical cards will be issued for users conducting high-security functions, such as cash handling, animal care, critical research, patient care, pharmacy, or other functions where photo ID is required. Physical cards can also be issued in place of mobile credentials based on individual preference. Read more in the FAQs
  4. Access Schedule - Start gathering information related to your access schedule and access groups. The AggieAccess team will be reaching out to confirm programming needs.
    • What are the hours that access will need to be programmed? Do you provide 24/7 access or just 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday? 
    • Do you group doors to provide access? If so, please provide the groupings so those access levels can be programmed into AggieAccess.
  5. Do you have any other specialized programming that the AggieAccess team needs to know about?


The UC Davis Police Department is gathering electronic access information through LiquidFiles, a secure service for transferring sensitive information. To submit your cardholder list, follow the link below and enter your UC Davis email address. Follow the instructions to validate your email. If asked to enter a password, use your Kerberos login information. Once logged in, fill out the form titled "UC Davis Police AggieAccess File Drop." Upload or drag-and-drop the necessary files to the indicated space and send the form.

Submit Your Electronic Access Information & Cardholder List