Shields Library

AggieAccess Expanded to 10 High-Priority Buildings

Update (Nov. 2020): For the time being, these buildings are largely closed to the public due to campus operating at a reduced capacity and COVID-19-related safety protocols. Access to most of these buildings is currently limited to those working in the buildings, who will receive credentials this month. Read more

The scope of AggieAccess is increasing to add electronic access to ten new buildings this fall. Under reduced operations on campus, security concerns around building access have become a priority. Electronic access improvements in these buildings will allow better security managementwhile still maintaining access for students, faculty and staff. Accordingly, electronic key card access entry hardware will be installed in the following buildings:

  • Bainer Hall
  • California Hall
  • Dutton Hall
  • Kemper Hall
  • North Hall
  • Olson Hall
  • Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Shields Library
  • South Hall
  • Wellman Hall

Ensuring people can access the locations they need to is a top priority of this project. Once installed, hardware will not be activated until people who need access are equipped with electronic access credentials.

Project details

Electronic access will be added to select exterior doors that serve as main entrance points to the buildings. Depending on the building, this could include one or more doors. No doors that would prevent exiting a building will be locked in any way. Signage will be in place to direct people to the appropriate doors for entry.

Adding electronic access to these buildings will make it possible to adjust and schedule access as individual, building and campus needs change. The scope of this project also includes adding hardware to these entry points to provide alerts if doors are propped open.

Currently, building access is limited due to reduced operations. Adding electronic access will not further restrict access, but will make managing access easier and more flexible.


Hardware installation for electronic access is currently in progress and is expected to be finished in late September. The new electronic access system will not be implemented until AggieAccess credentials have been made widely available to the campus community.


With the addition of electronic access to these highly used buildings, AggieAccess credentials are shifting to be primarily mobile, used via smartphone. Physical AggieAccess cards will still be available upon request.

Details concerning mobile credentials are still being finalized. More information on credentials will be shared as it becomes available.