User presents AggieAccess card to the reader

Using AggieAccess cards and readers

As more readers are upgraded and new credentials are distributed, the AggieAccess team wants to ensure all users are able to easily and reliably get where they need to go.

“The new AggieAccess cards and readers allow us to implement an extra level of encryption to our electronic access systems,” said Jeff Rott, director of physical security systems for the UC Davis Police Department.

The new access cards exchange digital encryption keys with the card reader every time they interact. This added layer of security affects best practices for presenting your AggieAccess card to an updated reader.

“While the card and reader are exchanging encryption keys, it’s important to present the card quickly to the reader and not to move or wave your card to ensure a fast and easy transaction,” Rott said.

This tip and others are covered in an instructional video. The video also features explanations for what the color of the light at the top of the card reader indicates and what settings to use for your mobile credential.

This video is featured on the new AggieAccess "How To" page, How To: Cards and Readers, alongside a series of FAQs expanding on the topics in the video.

How To: Cards and Readers