Device displaying mobile credentials presented to card reader

Get ready for fall quarter

Existing electronic access systems across campus are being upgraded to AggieAccess, a more secure, consolidated entry system. Over the past year, almost 40 locations have been upgraded, with more to come as work extends into 2022.

These changes primarily affect existing key cardholders, those already accessing electronically secured areas as part of their job or lab duties, as the scope of the project is mostly updating existing hardware. Find out what buildings have already made the switch to AggieAccess below.

Completed buildings

  • 207 3rd St
  • Bainer Hall
  • Bishop Ranch - GSM
  • California Hall
  • Cottonwood Cottage
  • Dutton Hall
  • Elderberry Cottage
  • Fire/Police Building
  • Gallagher Hall
  • International Center
  • Kemper Hall
  • King Hall
  • Math Sciences Bldg - Entry Doors
  • Medical Sciences D
  • Memorial Union
  • Mrak Hall
  • North Hall
  • Olsen Hall
  • Pavilion Parking Structure
  • Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Shields Library
  • South Hall
  • Student Community Center
  • Student Health & Wellness
  • TAPS/Police
  • Tupper Hall
  • Vet Med 3A
  • Vet Med 3B
  • Vet Med Center for Companion Animal Health
  • Vet Med Gourley
  • Vet Med Lab Facility Large Animal Holding
  • Vet Med Multi-Purpose
  • Vet Med Student Services and Administration Center
  • Vet Med Valley Hall
  • Vet Med Teaching Hospital
  • Walnut Cottage
  • Welcome and Conference Center
  • Wellman Hall

If you are a cardholder for a location in one of the completed buildings, you should have received an email invitation for HID mobile credentials and followed the instructions to either download the app and activate your mobile credentials or opt-out and receive a physical AggieAccess card. Old proximity/key cards will not work on the new AggieAccess card readers. If you need access to location that has already been converted but have not yet received your credentials, follow the instructions on our How-to: Obtain AggieAccess credentials page. A key control manager is assigned to review requests and coordinate access at each location. 

If you are a cardholder for a location that has not been updated, sit tight until you receive the HID mobile credential invitation email. The AggieAccess team will continue to update existing electronic access systems building by building, issuing new credentials as necessary. The next set of locations being updated in September and October include the Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility, Earth and Physical Sciences Building, one interior door in Hunt Hall, and the Robert Mondavi Institute.