Gunrock mascot holding an AggieAccess card

What 'Group One' Needs to Know

Send in Your List of Cardholders

If you are a Key Card Manager in Group One. Please be sure to send us your list of active cardholders. More information and a link where you can upload your list can be found here

If doors in your building are located in Group One, here's what you need to know and do:

New! AggieAccess cards will be printed and provided to you. The AggieAccess team will move forward with printing new cards for all the users in Group One that need access to existing electronic access locations. Once printed, the cards will be provided to Key Card Managers for distribution to cardholders. Due to campus reduced operations, the Aggie Access team will check in Key Card Managers to coordinate delivery.

New card photos will not be taken. Due to campus-wide reduced operations status and social distancing guidelines, no new photos will be taken at this time. If a significant change in appearance necessitates a new photo, please notify the AggieAccess team as soon as possible.

We are working on implementing mobile credentials. Mobile credentials, which will allow people electronic access through their smartphones, are currently in development and will be made available once implemented. More information on this exciting change coming soon.

Key Card Managers customize access for users based on your departmental requirements. Key Card Managers provide access privileges by logging into the Lenel OnGuard Software via a web portal. Training on how to do this will be provided. (See below.) Key Card Managers will not need the cards in hand to manage access, only names. (Important:  Key Card Managers will be required to access the portal from a workstation on the UC Davis network or through the UC Davis Pulse Secure VPN.)

Tentative Schedule. Below is a tentative schedule of dates that Key Card Managers in Group One should be aware of. These are subject to change. Check back for updates.

  • Immediately:  Key Card Managers, send in your list of active cardholders. Learn more.
  • September 10-20:  Key Card Manager Training for Group One only. Updates and invites will be provided. This will be remote training via Zoom.
  • September 30 - October 20:  Cards delivered prior to start of work at each location. Before printing we will check to ensure our cardholder list is up to date.
  • Post Card Delivery (see above):
    • Key Card Managers program staff and student access using Lenel OnGuard Software
    • Key Card Managers distribute new AggieAccess cards to users
  • October 2020 - January 2021: AggieAccess implementation begins in Group One buildings